Sara has given an excellent service to our business in a number of areas.  When we first bought the business two years ago she acted as a consultant advising us what the marketing strategy of the previous owners had been and what had worked well for them and areas that we may wish to focus on.

We were impressed by how well she seemed to know our business and the local market so we asked her to produce a press release to get us some editorials in local newspapers.  We were extremely pleased with the free publicity that she obtained for us as we were featured in each of the local newspapers in the town and also in the local monthly magazine.

She also designed our company logo, advised on the design of some of our marketing literature, and also produced and managed our website.  We have received many positive comments about the look and feel of our website and have always found Sara very responsive and flexible to our needs.  Being a small business it is important to spend our money wisely and so we wanted our website to be designed so that we could control the look and feel as much as possible and do simple updates, such as customer testimonials, photo or text changes, without incurring further expense.

We have recently started using her for managing our Google adwords campaign and have again received an excellent service.  We swopped to Sara as were deeply unhappy with the service that we obtained from Yell.  Sara’s reports are much more informative and she is much more responsive to our needs, working with us to keep costs down and give us good quality leads for our money.

We have complete confidence in Sara.   We think of her as being part of our business team and have no hesitation in recommending her.

Ryan & Val Harvey, Chetwynd Firs,